Kapitmas and Corona Virus


Dear All,

I have been fielding a lot of questions about corona virus and how we are handling it in the past few days and thought it might an idea to send out a letter to you all outlining where we are.

As off today we are very much running as normal at the factory and office, Bali though is quiet with the dramatic drop in tourism and already workers in those affected industries are starting to worry about where they will get money to buy food. That is peoples biggest fear here, not will they catch the virus, but how they are going to feed families as things grind to a halt around them and money dries up.

We are doing our very best here to keep work running and support our people, naturally though if a shutdown is enforced on us we will comply, the safety of all staff and associates of Kapit Mas is our utmost priority, but even with this we will be doing our best to continue working. We need to keep money trickling in so we can keep it trickling out to our extended family and families,and small local suppliers, to those who are reliant on us for their livelihood. We will not get any Govt assistance in Indonesia, we have to navigate this on our own, and we will support those in our community who need it.

We house about 50 staff at the factory and if we shutdown these people will remain at the factory and continue working as long as we have work. I am preparing to stay in the factory also if there is a shutdown to help keep things moving. We are this week stocking up with food and supplies for those who will be here so we can work safely and securely.

I understand for our customers this is a really difficult time also, shops are closing sales are drying up, but I do ask if you have any orders you can send through please do so, they will be very well received and appreciated, no matter how small as we try to navigate our way through this. For the next 2 months we will be suspending all surcharges on less than minimum orders, encouraging people to send through any orders at all that you may have for us.

Our plans are in place, and with even the smallest support from customers we will weather this storm OK, Please all of you, look after yourselves in every way. And we all look forward to better days which will surely come! Just as the sun comes out after the rain.


Many Good Wishes,


Ben Morice

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