Kapit Mas is a foreign owned specialist silver jewelry manufacturing company based in Bali Indonesia, established in 1996. Bali was chosen as a home base for the company due to the wide range of traditional skills to be found on the island and the inherent creativity of the local artisans. These are skills which are not easily taught or acquired and which gives Bali a unique advantage in jewelry manufacturing.

At Kapit Mas these skills have been complemented by a well equipped and managed factory, incorporating international best practice standards for jewelry manufacture, and a systems based approach to production, quality control and customer services. We are fully integrated, we do not sub contract work out or use vendors, and this gives us a very strong competitive advantage and allows us to better support our customers. All works from design and development through to packing and shipping are carried out under one roof and under the full control of our management team.

We have a policy of continually questioning, researching, developing, and striving to be the best we possibly can be.

We welcome visits to our factory and encourage our customers to come and see for themselves the way we work.

“Your success is our success”

What Makes Us Different

One-Stop Service Partner

Fully equipped Jewelry Manufacturing facility managed under international standards

High Quality Jewelry

Kapit Mas quality assurance procedures will ensure you to receive a standardized uniform high quality product

No Limit to Your Creativity

Utilizing cutting edge technology and traditional hand crafted methods
Many choices for metals and materials


Design Service

2D or 3D Design Consultation by Experienced R&D Designers

Wax Carving

Open Your Creativity with Our Balinese Wax Carver

3D Printing

Mastering Complex Design with Great Precision

Rubber and Silicone Molding

Rubber and Silicone Molding

A Mold Made by Professionals for High Quality Results


Alloying, Graining, Silver and Gold Melting

Prepare Your Metal with a Trusted Manufacturer




State-of-the-art Automatic Casting Machine

Jewelry Plating

Trust. Quality. Full Range.


Diamond Cutting

Stone or Metal Customization

Electric Tack Welding

Best Soldering Technology for More Design Possibilities

Laser Engraving

Engrave Your Logo or Brand Name and Customization Your Jewelry

Anti-Tarnish Coating E-Coating

Anti-Tarnish Coating and E-Coating

Protect Your Jewelry

Tumbling and Mass-finishing

Save Time and Money While Giving a Uniform Finishing

Stone & Shell Cutting and Inlay Work

Traditional Stone & Shell Cutting

Hand Metal Fabrication


X-Ray Metal Testing

Non Destructive, Quick, and Accurate

Professional Jewelry Photography

Professional Jewelry Photography

Great Shots Ready to Use for Your Website or Catalogue


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