Happy Festive Season


Hi Everyone,

Twenty Nineteen is almost done and Twenty Twenty is almost here, with a tittle like that I hope it is a good year for this world, A lot of global realisations have struck home this year and next year is the year for us humans to act on that.

I was reflecting on this last night as I drove home and realised that in our little microcosm at Kapit Mas we have been running in a little parallel universe, its been a year of seeing where we could do things better and working on those points, making changes that help us to serve you better, and ultimately ensure the people who buy your product, that we make, are super happy with their purchase, and we have made good progress!

Finally after 3 long years of development we are now running on our new software, its great, and we are just starting to realise how much it will help us to become more efficient and more accurate, Also this year, based on feedback, we have done some internal re-structuring and with this are seeing communication’s within the company improve hugely, which in turn helps us to get back to our customers faster, and with better information. Our production capabilities, Quality controls and design abilities have all advanced too, Twenty Nineteen has really been a year of reflecting and acting on what we saw, and we are ending the year in place which is much improved from where we were in the beginning, – you cannot ask for more than that!

Twenty Nineteen was the year of change, and with that we now look forward to serving you even better in Twenty Twenty, – we might not hit twenty twenty perfection, but its a great thing to aim for, in our own worlds, and also as humanity at large.

On a Bali note, – I am not sure if you are all aware but the Governor of Bali at the beginning of the year banned all one use plastic bags and its made a huge difference. The rains this year have been delayed but have finally arrived, and usually when they do the beaches here are a mess of plastic, normally enough for me not to want to go to the beach, but today as I did my morning walk along Jimbaran beach I am really happy to say the amounts of plastic is way less… now if Only the Governor in his wisdom will ban single use plastic water cups and instant noodle pots!

I have a new hero, – its not often I forward links, but the work of this man is relevant to the reflections above, If you have not heard of Boyan Slat and do have a few spare minutes sometime over the holidays, please take a look at this and be inspired.

My very best wishes to you whatever your faith or inclinations may be, for the festive season, and 2020, May you be safe, healthy, happy and enjoying life


Many Good Wishes,


Ben Morice

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