Rubber and Silicone Molding

A Mold Made by Professionals for High Quality Results


Rubber and Silicone Molding

Rubber and Silicone Molding: An Important Step

Nothing could be achieved in jewelry manufacture before proper molding has been prepared.

  • Spruing of masters and the making and cutting of molds is not a very complex job but taking shortcuts here or doing it badly can have huge consequences on the cost of manufacture, and the final quality of your jewelry.
  • If we are casting for you, we prefer to do the spruing and molding ourselves to ensure a smoother process during our manufacturing process and better quality results for you. Incorrect mold making results in poor casting results, misshapen items and molds that do not last as long as they should.
  • Depending on the items we will choose rubber, silicone or liquid silicone to make the mold

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