Jewelry Plating

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Gold, Silver, White & Black Rhodium Jewelry Plating

Jewelry Plating

Plating is the process of covering metal onto the surface of your jewelry using electrochemical techniques. Thanks to Plating you can modify the color of the metal base, prevent oxidation, cover welding points, or slight color differences between several components. We have been successfully offering plating services over the last 10 years thanks to:

  • Our complete plating lab respects international standards and is clean, safe, and well-maintained.
  • Our experienced plating team is composed of qualified chemists.
  • Our research and specialization are in high-quality micron gold-plating.

We are a partner you can trust, with proven results, and a long track record.

Our range

We have a wide range of plating options available:

  • Gold 24K Micron Plating
  • Gold 24K (Flash)
  • Gold 18K Hamilton
  • Gold 18K Pale Yellow
  • Gold 18K Mid-Yellow
  • Gold 14K Rose Tiffany
  • Silver
  • White Rhodium
  • Black Rhodium
  • White Bronze (a cheaper Rhodium-like color alternative)
  • Copper
  • Eurowhite

Thickness of the Plating

The thickness of the Plating depends on you. We can plate up to 4 or 5 microns and make “Vermeil” Jewelry but most of the time 1 to 2 microns followed by a ceramic coating will give a long-lasting plating result.

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