Timeline Project

Ben Morice, starting basing himself in Asia where he began designing and producing silver jewelry.
Ben Morice set up a wholesale company in New Zealand to sell his creations, but closed it in 1992 to base himself full time in Bali. Allowing him more time to expand his production capabilities in Indonesia and concentrate on the world market. He decided to develop Kapit Mas in Bali. In the 1996, Kapit Mas start to meet and do a collaborations with the customers, start with 500sqm workshop.

New era, new workshop. Kapit Mas finally moved from a 500m2 workshop to a 2000m2 with fully equipped jewelry machine.
Kapit Mas getting bigger and bigger, more customer trusted our production teams, so Kapit Mas team growing and reach 250 employees,
Kapit Mas develop a new department, called Plating Lab, it will help our customer to receive high quality coating result with Micron Gold, 18k Hamilton, Mid Yellow, Pale yellow, Rose Gold, Euro white, Silver, White Rhodium, Black Rhodium. Our lab respecting international standards, so it will keep the quality of jewelry for a long time.

We improve our Research and Development department technology, by using 3D Resin printing services, for mastering complex items with great precision, and great representations sample for use with liquid silicon molding and also wax burnout masters which we use to directly cast silver masters

Paritrana Award is an award that recognizes competency in ensuring social rights for human resources. In 2021 we broke the record as the first foreign investment company (PMA) that obtained this award! We achieved rank 3 in the medium-sized business category, out of 58,000 competitors.
We have some massive company upgrade in 2024, one of them are new system for better production procedure, and many things still in progress, as a partner we will happy to share every project we develop in 2024 when it finish!