Kapit Mas seeks to be the provider of choice to a discerning clientèle interested in ethically sourcing, unique and original jewelry of a high quality, from Asia.

We embrace the concept of team work or collaboration. We see in this new more connected world, that the borders that exist between businesses and organizations are slowly being broken down, and the barrier where one organization starts and the other finishes are becoming less clear, and with this concept in mind, it is our aim that all people or organizations associated with our company should benefit from that association, either financially or otherwise. Our workers and staff benefit from continual training and skill upgrading programmes, along with fair wages, a safe working environment and a strong social support network, the local area where our factory and offices are located from social programs and our contribution to the local economy, our customers with fair prices, good service and a quality product, and ultimately, the end user who we hope derives great enjoyment for many years wearing or using product we have created. It is our belief that if those associated with us benefit, our future is ensured.

We are living in dynamic times and we recognize the need to continually strive to improve our corporate profile, responsibility, and performance. We do this by keeping abreast of newly developed technology, striving for new ideas and production techniques to create new and exciting ranges, Continual improvements in our safety standards, working conditions, and operational infrastructure, and also maintaining respect and protection for our local environment, these are but a few marks of our dedication to continually improving and upgrading our corporate well being.

As a Bali based exporter, mainly to the western world and with a staff consisting of Hindu, Islamic, Christian and Buddhist followers we find ourselves in a multi cultural situation, and our corporate responsibility role extends to increasing the awareness of, respect for, and understanding and acceptance of cultural and ethnic differences, and harmonizing this in regard to internationally accepted corporate practices, and the requirements of our customers. We see this harmonization as an ongoing challenge and also as a blueprint for success in an increasingly globalized world.