Flemming Wuertz Silleborg

R & D Technical Control Development

Flemming Wuertz Silleborg graduated, Top of the Class,  from Copenhagen Jewellery School (Denmark) in 2011, he achieved 2 awards of excellence from the school during his tenure. But his background in jewellery making started back in 2004, when as a young jeweller he joined AAGAARD Kranz & Ziegler a well know n Danish brand/Manufacturer. He worked his way up through the ranks here and in 2013 transferred to Thailand to oversee production for the company there. In Thailand he joined the manufacturing company Jewelarc International LTD and quickly rose up through the ranks to become Project Manager in 2015. Flemming extensive technical skills and international experience, he has worked extensively with customers from all corners of the globe, give him a great insight and ability for transforming designs into quality products. He has a passion and deep respect for traditional benchwork and craftsmanship while continuously keeping abreast of and incorporating technological developments within the industry. He looks forward to help your lines become successful.