Tumbling and Mass-finishing

Save Time and Money While Giving a Uniform Finishing


Tumbling and Mass-finishing

Many Bali Jewelers don’t realize the huge benefits tumbling and mass-finishing can provide for traditional “Bali Style” jewelry, as well as for other jewelry styles. A well equipped tumbling facility will allow fine finishing of your intricate Bali designs, as well as finishing internal surfaces, which is not possible to achieve with regular hand polishing. Commonly, when people try to hand polish well these intricate designs the result tends to be an ‘over polishing’ or blurring of shapes and lines of the article, resulting in a lower quality item and many rejects. With tumbling you will also get a greater consistency of finish between items, which is often lacking with hand finishing, especially when using many different hands! An added bonus too is that it is cheaper!

Our mass-finishing department has a range of top of the line tumblers and polishing medias allowing our skilled operators to choose the best possible way to finish your jewelry for the best result. And for the very best result and a mirror finish, a very light hand polish after tumbling is tops. Our hand polishing crew use a very high quality, non toxic, water based (therefore easy to clean because no residue on jewelry) compound which gives a great added lustre for a very low price to your jewelry.

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