Jewelry Manufacturing

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Jewelry produced

A one-stop High Quality Jewelry Manufacturing Center

Kapit Mas owns a fully equipped Jewelry Manufacturing facility managed under international standards, and masters all the latest production technologies. We specialize in Silver, Bronzes, Gold jewelry and can produce any kind of design.

Our Jewelry Manufacturing Services

Our services start with design, Wax carving or 3D Printing, sample making, casting, laser engraving, handmade assembly, plating, finishing, and we can even take a professional photography of your designs using a state of the art in-house studio if you wish. Furthermore, we can provide and set stones, work with resin, leather, wood, shells and many other types of material.Kapit Mas production standards require a QC step between each production process to ensure you with a perfect and uniform finish for every single item. We want to make our customers’ customers happy and do all it takes to achieve this.

Furthermore, we do not have high minimum quantities request because we understand that everyone is looking at optimizing its working capital and we are happy to help new designers in getting their first collection produced.

Just contact us and let us show you that we can be your best production partner.