Hand Metal Fabrication


Hand Fabrication

One of the main reasons Kapit Mas chose Bali as its base for jewelry manufacturing is the incredible history and talent for complex and intricate hand jewelry fabrication.  The complex wire work, granulation and hand made loop-in-loop chain techniques that are second nature here are skills that are very rare in other parts of the world. Surprisingly though some of what most western jeweller’s would call basic jewelry skills were somewhat lacking and so we run an in-depth training centre which our smiths must graduate from before they get to work on production. Skills we cover in our training centre are such things as stone setting, good soldering techniques, shaping and forming, polishing and work quality evaluation. With this we feel we get the best of both worlds!

Hand Polishing

A special mention for hand polishing, no machine has yet been invented that can put a better shine on your jewelry than a skilled hand polisher with a good array of buffs wheels and high quality polishing compounds. We take polishing to another level often using our tumble polishing facility to  get a nice start and to help polish internal surfaces, before our skilled polishing crew take over for the final touches,  with a polish so fine you can use it as a mirror.

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