Diamond Cutting

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Diamond Cutting

No we are not cutting diamonds! This term refers to technology using ultra high speed hand held dremmels (rotating at 60,000 rpm!) and using a range of precision, treated tungsten cutting tools to carve patterns and engrave designs in precious metals. With this equipment carving metal is almost like carving butter! But it does require a highly skilled and trained operator to get the best results. The technique is called diamond cutting as we can actually carve faceted shaped surfaces into metal, creating unique light refractions resulting in a diamond like sparkle emitting from the metal surface. Using this technique under the settings of stones can help to enhance the colour, shine and lustre of your gemstones, and it is also great for adding additional spark to chains and flat surfaces, to give more life and lift to your jewelry.

We have a wide range of cutting tools and finishes available, please speak to our sales team to find out how you can enhance your product using diamond cutting techniques and incorporate this technology into you next range.

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