Alloying, Graining, Silver and Gold Melting

Prepare Your Metal with a Trusted Manufacturer


Pure Silver with alloy

Starting with Good Bases

  • Alloying, Graining, Silver and Gold Melting are very important steps !
  • Good quality jewelry starts with the first steps and if you get these wrong you are forever fixing problems. Keeping your raw metals in good condition is imperative for maintaining quality. The risk of tarnishing, porosity, hard spot, etc… can be dramatically reduced thanks to a good quality alloying, graining, silver and gold melting process.
  • We offer a contract service to melt and mix your metals for you using our specialist induction melter which prevents oxygen from coming in contact with and contaminating (creating staining oxides) liquid metals.
  • We can alloy your metals to any purity you require. We can adapt our process according to your needs and meet your purity specification. We normally alloy to 930 but some handmade applications and workshops require a higher silver content.
  • We can also offer our metals and alloys to you, if you want to make sure that they are of good quality.
  • We can supply these to you in grain form for casting, or in bars for rolling or drawn. If you want to purchase pre-drawn wire or pre-rolled plate made to your specifications with standardized measurements, this is also available.

Need Alloy or Silver for Made Your Jewelry ?

Rubber and Silicone Molding