3D Printing

Mastering Complex Design with Great Precision


Opening Up New Horizons

3D printing is the best technology for mastering complex items with great precision. It is becoming an essential tool for many jewelry designers because of the freedom it gives for the development of new items.

Why 3D Printing?

  • 3D Printing allows you to play with these 4 factors:
    • Shape: you can now make designs with complex shapes (hollow, voids, small details,…) which would be very hard to create with regular manual wax carving
    • Size: there is no limit to the size of your item considering that large items can be sliced into 2 or more parts which can be then soldered together during production.
    • Weight: Once the 3D design is done you can know how heavy your item will be once the metal casting is done using conversion tables. You might sometimes decide to reduce thickness or modify the design in order to reduce the metal costs during production.
    • Thickness: It is now easier to make sure that every cross sections have a sufficient thickness (reduces rejection during casting), and on the other hand, decrease thickness of other areas of the items in order to reduce metal weight.
  • We produce both resin masters for use with liquid silicon molding and also wax burnout masters which we use to directly cast silver masters, saving large costs, lots of time, and creating highly accurate representations.

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