“Piodalan” comes from the word “wedal,” which means “to emerge” or “to be born.” Similar to celebrating a birthday ( 23 May 2024), the Piodalan ceremony marks the anniversary of a temple or sacred building. In other words, Piodalan (also known as Pujawali or Petoyan) commemorates the birth of a sacred site for Hindus.
Every sacred site in Bali has its own designated holy day for Piodalan or Pujawali, determined by the Sasih calculation based on the Saka calendar, which falls once every year. This is based on the Wuku calculation referring to the Balinese calendar, occurring every 6 months (210 days). At KapitMas, Piodalan is celebrated on Wraspati (Thursday) Kliwon Wuku Menail, and participated by all our Hindu employees. Interestingly, it’s not uncommon for non-Hindu employees to join in, eager to experience the vibrant Piodalan ritual.

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